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She’s had an immaculate conception. She’s carrying the son of God, that little fucker.



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I want a messy high school relationship plot. I want fights over how they haven’t even seen each other in four days and they go to the same damn school. I want one of them getting mad over how their friends don’t approve of the relationship while the other starts to doubt. I want study dates and kissing in the hallways and funny code words that they use for certain teachers, but I also want angst and fights that circulate around the school and week long breakups that end with the two of them back together.

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"Eat me, Sebastain. It’s okay for guys like you and Court to fuck everyone but when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 just so I can be considered a lady?"

I have a muse who is the daughter of someone held to a very high regard in La Cosa Nostra. I’d love to plot her against someone who is entangled with the same group, or even a rival, or anything. I just really want a mafia-related plot.  

Phoebe Tonkin BTS for Miss Vogue (July 2013)

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I need help describing hair colour like if it started out one colour and ended in another


Is there a smooth fade or is it an abrupt line of transition? That makes a difference. Some colors have their own fade-type words (e.g., reddened or blackened) associated with them, so the colors matter here, too.

It also depends on who is doing the describing. If you’re writing in limited third, for example, and your point of view character is very creative, you might use metaphor to get your point across. If your point of view character is creatively stunted, however, you might have to find a simpler way to describe the hair.

Are you writing in first, third, or second person? Past, present, or future tense? Is your style Dickensian or Hemingway-esque or Palahniuk-y or something else entirely?  

My point here is that there are about ten thousand ways to go about doing this, and all of them depend on you and your story. I’m sure a lot of descriptions you could use would get the job done, but only a few of them would really be a good fit. It’s your job as the writer to figure out what you need for the story you’re telling.

Don’t get me wrong! Asking for help is absolutely okay, but when it’s all said and done, only you know the circumstances of your story. Only you know what you need. I can’t tell you the right answer. I can barely give you hints! 

Here’s the thing: This is your style we’re talking about when we discuss methods of description in your work, and how you choose to illustrate your style through description is much more important than any opinion or example I could give you.

Enough preaching, eh? Here are a few examples of descriptions you might find useful:

  • "His hair, black at the roots, faded smoothly into red.” 
  • "Though her hair was naturally a bright purple, it dulled to a brown-grey as it stretched down her back.”
  • "She was a natural blonde with dyed blue tips that made her hair look like icicles." (Inferred color transition here.)
  • "His dark hair paled to blond at the tips.”

Oof. Those weren’t amazing examples, but you get the idea.

Off the top of my head, here are a few other words you might use:

  • brightened
  • deepened
  • changed
  • reddened
  • blackened

I’m sure our followers will have some ideas for you, too!

  • @just-a-writer said: The fashion for this hair style is called ombré by the way :)
           Clearly I am totally hip with the kids and know all of this terminology. Haha -C
  • dangerousinstincts said: maybe she’s trying to do change over time, as in “greyed from fright?” that’s a pretty archaic/Lovecraftian way to phrase it, but you get the point.
           This is a great point. The time frame you’re talking about is also a factor. -C

I hope this helps!



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